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Project Management

Information Systems Strategy and Planning

Let's focus on IDENTIFICATION: Are we working on the RIGHT THINGS? Verger provides project alignment & portfolio management strategies that align with and reinforce the overall vision and goals of the company.

Project & Program Management

Let's focus on PLANNING: Are we working on things in the RIGHT ORDER and with the RIGHT RESOURCES? Verger provides the budget, resource, and development management to deliver relevant, cross-platform solutions. We facilitate effective project communication, development, and implementation to identify, coordinate & align internal and external teams for timely, cost-effective project completion.


Let's focus on PRODUCTION: Are we delivering work EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY? Verger implement workflow automation, cloud solutioning, and digital technology updates to enhance or improve business process. 

IT Consulting

Verger provides IT Consulting services and supplemental support for ERP,  Database, Web, and Cloud implementation.

KPI Identification, Reporting, and Management

ERP Application Management

Verger helps manage the ERP and cross-platform application implementations or upgrades.

Let's MEASURE our progress: Are we achieving the desired BENEFITS? Verger helps determine productivity metrics and reporting for to provide useful data for measuring business performance.

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